Post-tour depression incoming


After taking a full day off sleeping like logs, it was about time we wrote this dreadful -end of the tour- post. It’s always hard to take a step back and think about what took place during that roller coaster ride this last month. Once again, we had a blast sharing the stage with our friends from Evergrey and their amazing crew! Special thanx to Dirk from Noisegate Productions & Management for his awesome job running this tour. Hail to our one-man army crew member/merch guy/dragon slayer Antonis Ko for his selfless devotion and help on this run! Kudos to all the local crew/sound/light guys in every venue we visited for their professionalism and hospitality! And of course, last but not least a big big THANK YOU to all of you that showed up to the shows, shook our hands, grabbed a shirt or a cd, took a photo with us and ultimately made us feel what we do matters and gave us the emotional boost to keep going on. You guys’ rock and we WILL see you all again very very soon!

PS: Of course, we would like to make a separate, honourable mention to the ultimate warrior Chris Kollias on the bass who did an incredible job filling in flawlessly for Viktor for all those shows. We are truly grateful and thankful! You are now officially a member of the Need family.

Pic by Francois Berland (FBER photos) shot in Kortrijk, BE